June 20, 2012

A Few Things...

 Lemon Ice Cubes: Perfect for adding to glasses of water or ice tea

Sundance Pink Lemonade Wine: The perfect blush wine that is very suitable for summer and not nearly as sweet as most blush wines

Fixing up an old picture:  My grandmother painted this picture when she was younger (it is painted on velvet).  My husband recently painted the old, tarnished gold frame to a bright white to give it a way more modern look. It is now hanging in our bedroom rather than collecting dust in the basement.

An inspiring note: To keep around, so I can look at whenever I am feeling negative or stressed.
(not my own picture)

 My boy scoring his first 2 goals in soccer!  He was soooo proud, and so were mom & dad!

What are some things making you currently making you smile???

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