July 27, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

Lately, I have been indulging. A little too much. I am not one to spend a lot of time worrying about what I eat. Don't get me wrong, I eat a lot of healthy food! However, I do not stress about it and as long as I feel great then I think I am doing pretty good. I know what foods are the healthiest and I definitely incorporate them into my life on a daily basis. But...I also enjoy,(without stressing about it) food that may not be the healthiest because,well,life is too short to not indulge when you want to. I would rather live my life enjoying whatever I want, rather than sticking to some sort of joyless meal plan. There are some things I never eat/drink though, but not many! I do not drink pop! I don't eat fast food (e.g. McDonald's, burger king, etc...) unless it is a once in a blue moon thing, but it is very rare! And I don't eat a lot of packaged things, either. Most meals I eat at home, I have made myself.

Here are some things I have enjoyed thoroughly (with only a hint of guilt) in the past little while.

{Homemade Maple Bacon Pancakes)
I just make basic pancakes, but add crumbled bacon to the batter, then top with pure maple syrup and more crumbled bacon.

{The Cheesy Griller Sandwich & French Fries at Flip}
I was recently there and had the 5 am Farmer Salad, the second time around I had to try this.

{Chilli Fries at a local pub}
because...how could I pass that up?

{Homemade Chocolate Covered Bananas with Coconut & Peanuts}
A childhood favorite

 Unexpected snacks to lay out for guests to munch on, great with beer!

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