August 27, 2012

Fast Forward to Fall- Part 2

Beauty Trend-spotting
{Perfect Ponys- sleek and precise!}
{Retro Bouffants- the bigger, the better!}
{Faux-bobs- cute, girly and modern!}
{Twists- little sections or complete updos, twist it up!}
{Low volume- laid back and simple!}

{Hair accessories- jewels, pins and headbands!}
{Blunt bang- straight and sexy}
{Brown smokey eyes- copper, bronze, shimmer, smokey!}
{Dark red lip- very goth like!}
{Colorful eye makeup- bright, bold, multicolored!}
{Dramatic cat eye- like before, but bigger!}
{Geometric eyeliner- strategically placed dots, graphic shapes and boxy corners!} 
{Fall nail colors- all shades of grey, jewel tones, navy, and deep dark reds!}
Tips to wearing trends:
1) Wear no more than 2 trends at one time
(e.i. wear either a dark red lip or a thick cat eye, wearing too many trends at once looks desperate)
2) Don't force trends
(e.i. if something does not suit you, either the shape or the color, whatever it may be, don't force it just because you really love the trend. It is better to wear pieces that are the most flattering for you, rather than wearing something just because it is "in"
3) Wear in the right context
(e.i. Just because something is very of-the-moment, does not mean it will work in all places. You probably don't want to rock your bright blue eyeliner at the office Monday morning. Instead, try it on for a night out with the girls!)



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