September 04, 2012

The Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts seem to be the most appropriate skirt to wear to an office or professional job. You wouldn't want to go much shorter than a pencil skirt, and longer tends to feel either too casual or too fancy, depending on the fit. So if you are going to wear a skirt to the office, which is a very suitable and stylish option, then the safest bet is to stick to pencil skirts. Following this basic guideline on how to wear pencil skirts will ensure you always look great in a professional setting.
There are 3 basic pencil skirts every professional woman should own: Neutral, patterned, and bright. Once you have these 3 options in your closet, it should be a breeze when it comes to finding something to wear each day for work. Below are some visual ideas and a few tips on how to best style the classic pencil skirt.
The Neutral Pencil Skirt 
  • Grey or black are your best neutral options because they are the easiest to match and to keep looking clean.
  • Having a variety of coloured camisoles will help you have many outfit options. Cover with a cardigan to finish the look.
  • Because it is a professional look, it is best to keep jewelry to a minimum; a watch and necklace or earrings and a ring.
 The Patterned Pencil Skirt
  • Don't go for patterns that have a wild design; stick to something a bit more subtle. The pencil skirt is meant to be classic, and when you wear crazy patterns or colours, it kind of defeats the purpose of the skirt.
  • If you are wearing tweed, pair with some modern looking jewelry (see below) to keep the outfit from looking to old fashioned.
  • Don't wear a top that is also patterned. While wearing two patterns at once does indeed look great in many ways (when done properly) it is just too busy for the office.
The Bright Pencil Skirt
  • Pair with a crisp white collared shirt, for the easiest professional look.
  • Break up two solid pieces with a belt.
  • If pairing with boots (see below) stick to a fitted boot rather than a slouchy boot to match the form-hugging shape of a pencil skirt.
  • A traditional pencil skirt will taper just above your knee, so if you are going to pair them with boots, opt for a pair that hits you just below your knee. This will provide a suitable balance by showing a little knee, and prevent your lower half from looking too bulky or over-dressed.



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