July 11, 2012

Cheers to The Weekend

Friday night my best girlfriend and I got together for a fun night out.  First, we went and saw this movie...

(don't judge)

The story line sucked (as expected) because lets be honest, nobody is seeing this movie for the story.
I have always been a fan of Matthew Mcconaughey.  Not only is he gorgeous, but he is a very good actor.  Although his acting in this movie was not bad, I think I may be forever disturbed by his character in this movie.

I will try my best to remember him like this:
Rather than this...

Anyway, as luck would have it, the power went out in the theatre with about 30 minutes left of the movie so my friend and I headed back to her place, drank a glass of wine (ok a bottle) and left for a long night of dancing.

My husband and I enjoyed a late brunch Saturday afternoon at The Creek in Cathedral Bistro, before going to a wedding.  I had the Ratatouille and Smoked Cheddar Omelette with herbed potatoes and a side of fruit.

The wedding ceremony was held in a lovely church, the bride looked amazing and the officiant was hilarious.  After the ceremony a group of us went to Brown's Social House for some appy's and drinks to waste some time until the reception.
My hubby and I shared the spicy chicken tacos and a dynamite roll.

The wedding we attended was one of my husbands co-workers.  The groom is fairly new to my husband's work, so I had only met him and his bride a couple times previous. Their family and friends were wonderful and the wedding was truly one of the nicest I've been too.  The food was also delicious. 

Sunday morning my hubby, myself and our son went out for brunch with my side of the family. We then caught a film at the Imax and spent the rest of the afternoon in the sun.

What do you do on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon when you have no plans? Do you have many weddings to attend this summer?


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  1. I have one wedding :-) I am missing one this weekend - boooooo.